New Ethereum programming language Vyper makes ETH blockchain more secure

Ethereum programming language Vyper makes Ether blockchain safer

The new Ethereum language Vyper was published in the beta and receives enthusiastic comments in the social media. The language offers developers an alternative to Solidity with some improvement.

Vyper Beta ready for testing

Like Solidity, Vyper compiles bytecode down to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Vyper was developed to simplify this process with the goal of creating more understandable smart contracts with fewer points of attack and more transparency.

For a code targeting EVM, it is important that it is very efficient to execute intelligent contracts, as inefficient code becomes costly in certain applications such as microtransactions. Vyper, in this case, is logically similar to Solidity and syntactically similar to Python.

This v0.1.0-beta.1 from Vyper has three major improvements over previous languages verified by Blockgeeks. First, it is pointed out that many of the constructs known to programmers have been omitted. The pursuit of simplicity has eliminated the inheritance of classes, the overloading of functions, the overloading of operators and recursion, since none of them are technically necessary to create a Turing language.

Vyper aims for simplicity, but for Bitcoin Revolution

While the first listed improvements are all aimed at simplifying the language, the next steps will increase the complexity in which a Bitcoin Revolution review is needed. In the words of the Vyper developers:

“…will intentionally prohibit or complicate things if it is deemed appropriate for the purpose of increasing safety.”

Vyper was designed to be as similar as possible to Python, but is not yet a replacement for Python or Solidity, but a language that can be used when maximum security is required. For example, Smart Contracts, which contain metadata on the patient’s health.

Those who have already started to experiment with the language have mostly left positive reactions via Reddit. While some question the need for a different language to create intelligent contracts, others agree on the need to address security issues.

As one user wrote: “With all the crap being done in crappy intelligent contracts, I’m really glad nowadays that Ethereum supports a smaller language that focuses on readability and security.

Vyper was not created to replace Solidity, but to be used on the side, as it uses the same byte code to increase security. According to a recent study, more than 3,000 endangered contracts contain security gaps. Vyper has the potential to play an important role in the future of Ethereum.

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